What the Luck?

I just had a pretty incredible stroke of luck this week and now this WW prompt shows up! I should buy a lottery ticket! A school acquaintance of mine who I reconnected with as Facebook friends not too long ago (Facebook still has it’s moments) tagged me in a post.

She grew up in the same area I did (in the conservative red state) and also bucked that trend. She knows I’m not a conservative and also knows I’m a runner (and has supported me very well, sincerely thankful for that) and tagged me about a nude race post making the rounds on Facebook.

I know, right?!

Not sure if she suspected, I’m not sure how she could have, maybe just a “Hey, look at this weird race!” post to throw out there, because I do “collect” odd races as it were, but I played it close to the vest in Facebook. However, I did message her about having actually done a nude 5k.

Her response was the what the luck? moment, saying she’d be interested in doing one and lamenting the fact of still being stuck in the Midwest. So I fired back saying that the run I did was in the Midwest and again, as luck would have it, actually not that far from where she lives. I genuinely want to encourage people to try it since I had such a great experience.

But I don’t know her that well, so I thought about it for a couple hours then mentioned I had made the race report video. Anyway, I knew the incredible stroke of luck this appeared to be, but certainly didn’t want to cross any boundaries. So I gathered my courage and made it abundantly clear what this video contained before providing the link and saying she could delete the message and forget it ever happened.

So I waited anxiously for a response and she watched it and liked it! So I’m not a blue island in the red-west after all! It’s a pretty great feeling! Who knows? Maybe next year she’ll be running with me?


  1. gretaspruce

    I’ve never run a naked race before, but sounds intriguing. Body glide to the rescue? (lol). I have found that courage often leads to luck too – good on you for gathering that up!

    Liked by 1 person

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