Sun’s Out, Guns Out!

Cosplay: an amalgam of costume and role-play where a person dresses up in a costume, usually of a character from film, comics, or video games.

As an admitted and proud geek and nerd, I’ve been interested in cosplay. The biggest cosplay type universe I’m interested in is Fallout and the post-apocalyptic genre. Of course, cosplay can be very expensive, especially in making or buying a costume accurate to the character. But I’ve found a way to make cosplay much cheaper: just don’t wear a costume! 🙂

“Halt! Without a big budget you cannot enter Cosplay!”

“Hold on, I’m receiving a message: A big budget should not be a BARRIER to cosplay! Please remove your pants and proceed!”

I don’t have a full script so far, just some ideas for a new short film in the Fallout tradition involving sex and gender in the future. But I was passing back through where it all started: Harlan County Reservoir on my way back from my triathlon this weekend so I had to stop and scout some filming locations and take some sample photos!

Unfortunately, my intended filming destination at Peckerneck Mine is along the Peckerneck Trail which is not a trail but a lake due to Nebraska’s flooding. The reservoir is expected to recede in late summer, assuming no more flooding which sadly may not be a good assumption.

The reservoir is also suffering a disgusting toxic algae bloom, but that gave me an idea for my film. It LOOKS like the grossly inaccurate Hollywood version of toxic nuclear waste does it not?

Extra FYI reading:

I’m attracted to the freedom of a type of neo-Wild-West world with few if any rules or constrains and where people are concerned with real problems not inane bullshit. I’m also fascinated with the 1950s America and it’s ubiquitous propaganda and Leave It to Beaver facade of idealism covering a rotting core of fear and bigotry.

But I’m also fascinated by that era’s starkly innovative plans to survive a nuclear holocaust. Raven Rock by Garrett Graff is a great read. This provided the inspiration for Fallout’s iconic “Vaults” (huge nuclear-powered underground bunkers) which are fascinating in both technological and social engineering perspectives.

Of course, I realize that actual life in a post-nuclear apocalypse would be hell on Earth and so does Fallout. That’s why the overall plot of the games is to re-discover old world tech (which was far more advanced than our current tech) that the player can use to usher in a new Garden of Eden and get the world right on a second chance. So at it’s core, it’s about the power of science and technology to both destroy or save our world.


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