Taste Test

This wonderful photo from Marie Rebelle reminded me of a photo set I’d seen online and I had to write a nerdy scene about it!

“I can’t believe I’m doing this!” groaned Sarah.

“Hey I won the bet on who’d finish their doctoral thesis first, fair and square! Time to pay up! Besides, it’s for the advancement of human knowledge!” proclaimed a smug Jeff.

Sarah pouted and groaned again for Jeff’s benefit, but inside she was excited. She and her boyfriend had made a sexy wager to spice things up a bit. The loser would have to realize a sexual fantasy of the winner’s choice. He thought he’d won the bet, but she’d had her dissertation ready a month ago! Sarah was the better student, but Jeff had always been the more creative of the couple and once she’d heard Jeff’s fantasy she knew it was even better than hers if she won, so she’d “lost” on purpose!

“Off with the lab coat, Sarah. That’s not exactly a turn-on.”

Off it went, revealing her athletic body in a modestly sexy set of white undies with blue trim.

The look on his face and the growing bulge in his pants made her smirk.

“Not bad, but I think the subjects will need maximum stimulation for the best results.”

Now Sarah’s heart skipped a beat. “Wh-what? That wasn’t what I thought…”

“It’s my fantasy,” admonished Jeff, “so off with it. All of it!”

Sarah gulped and was soon standing in the lab without of stitch of clothing.

“Better. That’s better. I’ll turn down the lights, you light a few Bunsen burners for some ambiance!”

Sarah giggled, Jeff was such a romantic geek!

“You’re wearing goggles, that’s smart. Things could get…a little messy!” Jeff said, handing her a blindfold mask. “Single blind study!”

Sarah put on the blindfold and her goggles over it.

“Okay hop up on the lab bench and spread ’em! I’ll go get the subjects so they can…prep for the experiment!”

The blinded Sarah’s heart hammered when she heard the lab door open and three sets of feet walked in. The footsteps grew louder until she could feel the men’s presence around her. She could feel their eyes scanning up and down her nude body, no doubt locking between her spread legs and her exposed sex glistening with her wetness! She squirmed delightedly.

Then she heard the telltale meaty fapping of hands over hard erections. She leaned back further and slipped a hand down to play with her wet slit and slipped a finger then two into its opening, eliciting satisfying gasps and grunts from the subjects!

“That’s it, I can’t take any more!” Sarah declared as she hopped down from the lab bench onto her knees. “I need a cock in my mouth right now!”

Soon she was rewarded as a stiff cock was thrust into her mouth. She could smell the manly musk of precum and it’s saltiness as she hungrily worked the stranger’s shaft with her tongue. This was the experiment: to see if she could tell the difference in the taste of semen from three men with a specific diet.

Speaking of control, the first subject lost it as she felt a hot jet of semen squirt down her throat! “Subject A: sharp, bitter, salty” Sarah declared for the record.

She’d barely had time to say that before Jeff warned her that subject two as about to unload! She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out to feel a jet of sperm shoot over her chin and tongue and hit her goggles. Good thing, this was getting messy! Subject B seemed more intent on shooting all over her face than in her mouth! She did her best sultry pout as she wiped the cum off her chin to get a good taste done. “Subject B: mild and…herby, I guess.”

Subject C then placed his tip on her tongue. The took in a girthy shaft for thirty seconds or so which helped clean her palette before the third and final eruption in her mouth. She allowed him to finish, then looked up with her mouth open and played with it before swallowing. “Subject C: slightly sweet.”

“Alright, thank you for your participation in this study.” said a heavily breathing Jeff. Sarah moved to take off her blindfold, but Jeff quickly said, “No! Keep it on! I want the subjects identities to be secret! And that goes for you two! Don’t tell!”

Sarah gave his general direction a cum-covered smile! Oh how naughty! She knew what he was doing! What a delightful power dynamic this would be! Maybe a little ignorance could be bliss!

The next day Sarah walked in to the lab, giving the usual pleasantries to the usual people and students, but nervously wondering all day as she handed out test results, cleaned beakers with, or chatted over coffee in the lounge: which two guys had Jeff brought in? Which two had seen her naked that night? Had watched as she exposed her intimate sex to them? Who’s hard manhood had been shoved into her mouth for her tongue to explore? Who did she have the most intimate carnal knowledge of right down to the taste of their semen as they had broken down and orgasmed into her mouth?

Which two needn’t imagine her nude while she imaged them nude? Wasn’t Mark a vegan? Derrick? Was his penis the girthy one she’d taken in her mouth? She smiled: or Greg, who she thought fancied her and always acted shy around her. Had he realized his own fantasy about her as he’d pleasured himself to the sight of her naked body and a man pumping hot cum into her mouth before he couldn’t resist any longer and covered her face with his long pent-up load? She may never know!


  1. Posy Churchgate

    This was awesomely sexy! Love how you wrote to the picture prompts. Your exploration of her sexy thoughts and her pondering about who took part in the experiment makes this very entertaining. Great job. This is going in my #SoSS!

    Liked by 1 person

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