Not so Merry Weather

Big news in my life! This photo was taken on my way back from my first ever nudist event AND nude 5k run which ticked both my boxes and a bucket list item! Much more on that later when I’ve had time to give it a proper write-up!

For right now, it’s time to wax my plank! Er, I mean walk the plank! Inspired by The Pink Seam: Shelly. This is the Captain Meriwether Lewis Dredge off the Missouri River. Unfortunately it was far too hot for any production of “brine.” The only stroking I’d be able to do is the heat kind! Even more unfortunately, I had no milky-white conch in which to deposit said brine anyway!

Most unfortunate is the park has been devastated by the flooding in Nebraska and even more flooding happened this past week. It does appear the damage was contained to the surroundings, not the ship itself. Only plus is its being closed offered a quick photo op.


  1. Mrs Fever

    Having fun around on a court naked in the pursuit of nude athletic activity, all I can say about a nude 5k is, “Youwch!”

    And with dangly bits, I can only imagine. Double ouch.


    I’m happy for you. 🙂

    I’ll look forward to reading about your experience.

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