HUMP! Day Announcement & Help Request

This is a big jump for me. I’ve decided to enter the 2019 HUMP! Film Festival! I learned about it when I lived in Seattle as it was a Seattle original put on by Dan Savage. I never submitted a film nor went to a screening, though I wish I had.

The beauty of HUMP! is that all copies of submitted works are destroyed after screening, thus preserving anonymity if one so desires. I will be showing my face and well, all of me as you probably assumed. I’m also publishing my first cut on Vimeo.

I’d greatly appreciate any feedback you can give me. The time limit is 5 minutes, so I need to cut it down a bit.

I know I should have filmed all in wide instead of vertical for some, but those scenes are in far-off places and I can’t re-shoot them. And I know my “acting” is porn-star quality 🙂 Special thanks to kisungura‘s glorious Grow for inspiration!


  1. Littlegem

    I think this is brilliant! Really funny, loved the dialogue. Agreed with Marie the car scene colour was off and jumped a bit. But amazing effort and can’t imagine how difficult it would be to make.

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    1. nopantsendurance

      Thanks! Yeah I tried to read the “other me” lines in my head to get the timing right, but it didn’t work. Either I was off or screwed up a line, so I tried to loop some shots. It may be the best I can practically do solo.


  2. kisungura

    Honoured to provide some inspiration and thank you for the mention! Great film, I agree on the switching between landscape and portrait and tonal change in car but it’s not a huge issue. Great narrative and storyline and really well conceived and executed, well done! x

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  3. Molly

    I think it is excellent. My one bit of feedback is pause the frame with the title on it for longer as it played on before I could real it all and I had to go back and pause it


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    1. nopantsendurance

      Thanks, and yeah, I was under 2 minutes by the end of the locker room and thought I was golden, but I went over so I sped up the first part. I’ll email them to see how strict they are with the 5 minute limit.


  4. ThePinkSeam

    This video was great! I hope you were able to fix a few of the things previously mentioned by other viewers. (The ‘seed’ planting/growing scene my favorite, btw. I couldn’t help but chuckle! And were does one get a nude, penis sock brief?!?)

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    1. nopantsendurance

      Sorry for the late reply, been a busy work week. Thank you for taking time to watch it! And that scene is pretty much the idea behind the whole thing. I’m trying to think of a better way to make it more realistic. Would be relatively simple with two people, but with just myself I’ll have to get creative. Maybe I can thrust through a thin piece of plastic wrap. Anyway, for the cock sock undies were from Amazon, I was actually trying to get something to stop chafing on ultra runs. The cock sock actually worked! But they also gave wedgies in the rear. Pretty sure they’re sexy manties, not intended for athletics!

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