I’m exposed!
And it’s no big surprise!

– No Doubt

Obviously no surprise at all for anybody who’s seen my blog before, but I enjoy the outdoors and being exposed outdoors. It’s the thrill of danger and the taboo and also the fantasy of getting caught with my pants down!

My top fantasies involve being caught naked (though not necessarily outdoors) by a woman or even better, multiple women who like what they see! I’ve lamented on this blog the fact that most females will not appreciate the sight of an unexpected nude male while every red-blooded male appreciates the sight of an unexpected nude female. Also how I greatly envy the female…not power exactly, but sexual ability this way.

I’ve also said how I don’t like exerting power over others or the exploitation of weaknesses (i.e. the notorious unsolicited dick pic). Instead, I greatly desire the ability to provide sexual desire/pleasure with nudity. I’ve since learned there is a kink for this:

Active Scopophilia: scopophila is the condition or act of gaining sexual pleasure from openly looking at sex organs or acts, while Active Scopophilia is gaining pleasure from being looked at and providing pleasure to others by being the one getting looked at.

My kinks are then CFNM (clothed female, nude male) and active scopophila. So it’s important to understand me in this blog that the power dynamic I seek is not pure exhibitionism (Hey ladies, look at my dick!) but to expose myself with the crucial reciprocal pleasure ladies (or men for that matter) get from my posts. I hope I am providing some of that here. Thanks for reading!


  1. Jo

    That .gif is hilarious! I’m glad you mentioned reciprocal pleasure, which hopefully implies consent… I imagine you could set up a scenario where a partner or friend accidentally “catches” you exposed somewhere!

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  2. TJ - The Lustful Empress

    That gif is hilarious! CFNM… like having sex while she is clothed and you are nude? That is pretty hot. I have fantasized about that too. But me being nude while the male is clothed. I think the vulnerability is highly arousing.

    I don’t think I would complain if I caught you in the nude. I might stare like a weirdo though. Penises are kind of stunning lol All genitals are 😁😁😁

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    1. nopantsendurance

      Oh wow thank you multiple times! I think so too! It is a strange dynamic. I think I find it arousing because of the vulnerability but also I guess “win?” in the situation. Like succeeding in a challenging situation, maybe?


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