-Dick- Cheney Shooting Range

“So where are we going?”

Stacey wrung her hands in her too-short skirt with nervous energy as Shawn zoomed around a curve in his pickup truck, giving him a peak of her white panties!

Tonight was Naughty Night, a monthly event held by the secret swinger’s club they were members in. Each event was full of sex and debauchery of some form their Puritanical-minded Kansas neighbors would be horrified at. Shawn and Stacey abstained from sex all week prior to the events which made them horny as hell and the made the evening’s festivities all the more potent! For an extra kick, Stacey never wanted to be told what the event was. She liked the surprise!

“We’re going to a shooting range,” Shawn dropped a hint.

Stacey scrunched up her face a bit. “A shooting range?” Guns weren’t either of their thing, though plenty of other members were enthusiasts. It was Kansas, after all. But Stacey couldn’t fathom what sexy thing they could be doing at a shooting range.

“The Cheney Shooting Range, to be exact,” replied Shawn.

Stacey snorted a giggle in that adorable way that made Shawn’s dick swell a bit. “Are we going to shoot some lawyers in the face?” She quipped, referencing the notorious time Vice President Dick Cheney shot a lawyer in the face in a hunting accident.

Shawn smiled at her, “It’s by Cheney State Park, it was here long before the incident with Dick Cheney…though there will be plenty of dick involved!”

At the mention of that kind of dick, Stacey stopped snickering as a wave of lust washed over her stunning features. She licked her glistening lips. Oof, now Shawn’s dick was fully erect as he pulled into the range’s parking lot.

Yes, it’s a real place, the inspiration for this story!

“All right, ladies, find your shooting stall, one lady each!” The event director called through the intercom.

Stacey stepped into a stall but there was no gun of any kind, nor any paper target anywhere down field, just a small bottle of oil. They were open stalls and she looked right and left at familiar faces of female members but no guns, no guys.

“All right men, guns out! Remember, no hands or you’re disqualified!” That’s when Shawn and the other male members stepped in to their respective stalls. Completely nude. Shawn smiled at her, sporting the full erection he’d worked up on the drive over here.

Stacey smiled. Now she was starting to get an idea where this was headed. “Cock lock and load, ladies!” Confused, Stacey looked around at the other members. The girls were taking the oil and started rubbing their men’s cocks with it, working up their erections. Lisa to her left had taken Robert full in her mouth and Stacey flushed with lust. Those two were never subtle! She squirted some oil onto her palm and started stroking Shawn’s length. God! He was rock hard already!

“Targets on range!” Shouted the intercom. Then it started playing Nine Inch Nails’ Big Man With A Gun:

🎶 I am a big man
(Yes I am)
And I have a big gun!
Got me a big ol’ dick and I
I like to have fun! 🎶

Pretty S&M girls strode over from down range, all fully nude. Wearing only a leash that their masters used to guide them. Then then sank to their knees at the low barrier, faces roughly level with the glistening oiled manhood all now pointing directly their way.

Now Stacey could see the face paint on their target girl of Asian features. Each face was painted with a target, their nose a red boop for the bullseye!

Stacey jumped and clapped, “Oh I’m going to love this!”

“Points for accuracy and number of shots fired! Couple with the highest score wins! Judging by the Masters!” Barked the intercom.

At this prompt, the target girl’s master smacked her bare rump. “Please shoot your nut loads on my face, sir!” She obediently implored Shawn.

Stacey could feel Shawn’s cock get so hard, she was surprised it didn’t explode! She stepped behind him and reached around with both hands. Her right cocked his oiled shaft while her left pistol-gripped his full balls. She leaned her head left and crooned in his ear, “Oh she’s cute, Shawn! You want to shoot your cum all over her pretty little face?”

Shawn groaned.

🎶 I’m hard as fucking steel and I’ve got the power!
I’m every inch a man and I’ll show you somehow!
Me and my fucking gun! 🎶

“UUUUGH!” Groaned Robert to her left as Lisa struggled to aim streams of warm white cum toward the face of their target. Stacey raised an eyebrow, Robert had a big clip on his gun, for sure, but Lisa was a bad shot, the target getting mostly a pearl necklace instead of a facial.

Shawn had seen the festivities as well, “Shit shit shit!” he gritted. “Not yet!” Stacey commanded. She wasn’t confident in her aim either, but she knew if she edged Shawn to the max he could go off like a full belt-fed machine gun! Spray and pray, baby!

“GUUUGH HUH! HUH! HUH!” some lucky guy to her right was firing off his load.

🎶 Shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot
I’m going to cum all over you!
Shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot
I’m going to cum all over you! 🎶

“Oh god, I can’t hold it much longer Stace!” Strained Shawn. She knew he was about to pop, so she hugged into him hard, tightened her grip and counted down, “Five, four, three, two…one!”

Shawn’s whole body bucked as a huge jet of hot sticky cum nailed the target girl right in the forehead. “Jesus, it’s like a shotgun!” thought Stacey. She aimed Shawn’s throbbing cock down a little lower. A second big jet quickly followed. Right in her eye, “Oh sorry sorry!” she squeaked. Four on the chin. Five on the right cheek, six back on the forehead. Seven, bullseye!

Shawn was faltering now as the throws of orgasm started making his knees weak. Eight, missed low, “Shit!” Nine and ten on the chin, then Shawn bucked and eleven streaked right on the nose! Twelve was short and Shawn was spent!

“Holy shit Shawn!” Whooped Stacey. “That was a HUGE load!”

Even the target girl and her master seemed stunned. Actually Stacey wasn’t sure how to even score it as the poor girl’s face looked like a glazed donut! What a mess! There was cum everywhere!

In the end, the judges awarded Stacey and Shawn winners due to the sheer volume of “shots” fired! They were presented a trophy shaped like a penis shooting cum and a framed “paper target:” a freeze-frame photo from the stall’s overhead security cam of Sayaka’s (their target girl) already cum-covered face taking yet another jet of cum from Shawn’s cock! Stacey was thrilled! Not the sort of thing one placed above the mantle for polite company, but it would look great in their play room!


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