Get Buck Naked in Wichita

I was just driving in for a race when I saw this billboard and knew I had to give it a shot. It is on the outskirts of town by a more industrial type area with little traffic, and it was getting dark, but there was an on-ramp with the occasional car driving by. I knew I’d have to be fast to Get Buck Naked in Wichita.

I set my camera to one second continuous takes and got myself buck naked, figuring it would be fast enough, but this is the best shot I got. I was disappointed, but didn’t want to risk another go. But Molly to the rescue again with this prompt making it a good pic after all!

Sinful Sunday 421: An outtake picture


  1. Violet Fawkes

    THIS IS FABULOUS! I have never ever been nude in public and i marvel at those with the “cajones” to do it. Well done. Witchita did not see that coming, I’m sure!

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