Sexting Statue

This bronze-based statue (officially titled “Accept or Reject”) by artist Yu Chang became a lightning rod for moral outrage led by a local mom in 2012, a humorous write-up you can read here. After a $35,000 legal battle, the statue was allowed to stay and moved to the Overland Park Arboretum, allowing me to recreate my own carbon-based homage!

If this is her reaction to a bronze statue, I wonder what she’d think of my homage? 🙂


  1. Life of Elliott...

    Well done, your artistic skills are pretty amazing, not to mention your devious mind. It’s a fabulous Dali-like sculpture. Who’s to say if Joanne would like your homage, but going by the deranged look on her face she just might like to get her hands on your cock.

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