Paint Me Like One of Your French Boys

I’m back late from Kansas City. I’m also back running after a bigger injury suffered on the bad decision of running the I-35 Challenge with a lesser injury. I was in KC for the unique Groundhog Run charity benefit. More on that later. I’m also back from an extended absence from posting. That was partly choice, partly necessity. I was very busy over the holidays with extra work and family stuff, then my admittedly aging computer quit on me and I ordered parts for a full re-build over Cyber Monday, but then the case was too small so I had to order a larger tower, which added an extra week as I only have time to build a PC on the weekends. Anyway, I’m back up in running in all three phases!

I also just fell into a creative rut, not having any great ideas for pictures. I was concerned I’d still have creative block with no good opportunities presenting themselves, but then I found a good one for prompt week, and as luck would have it, stumbled across a second idea for this post: a statue in the Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens! Of course I had to put it to an unintended kinky use!

Paint on your aisle my penis in profile!

See who else is up and running at Sinful Sunday!


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