Bowl Plaza: Pee-king In

A Bowl with Bling

I visited a little art town: Lucas, Kansas that has many awesome and amusing places.  These were taken in one of the most artistic places, I’m talking of course about the public restroom!

An exposing entrance

This place is a real art gallery, but also a 100% fully functional public restroom.  The pic to the right was taken right inside the entrance where the doors are open for viewing the art, but it occurred to me that also means they’re open to viewing anybody in the men’s room taking a pee.

I did have to go, and closed the door.
But it would have been fun to be
surprised by some ladies looking for
a view and getting an unexpected eye full!

The cliché mirror selfie

Made interesting in the Bowl Plaza

Running out of TP

Shouldn’t be a problem here!

Admiring the view

Despite all this

Bowl Plaza only got runner up, wonder what first place was?


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