Giant Cross – PoJ Scavenger Hunt

A happy Labor Day to you American bloggers and viewers!  This day off work gave me a chance to go on a fairly good 14 mile run out in the countryside.

I live in the Bible Belt of the USA so this one wasn’t going to be difficult to cross of the Pieces of Jade Scavenger Hunt list.  Just from running around the countryside, I know of several locations where people have set up giant crosses in pastures.  Most of them are by highways with too much traffic to take a picture with, and most people would not be amused by this.

I don’t think there is anything wrong or dirty with the human body, but the Puritanical Christian tradition of these parts would strongly disagree, I’m sure.  That’s all I’m going to get into about that whole thing.  But I do know of one cross that is over a mile away from any highway, along the minimum maintenance farming and ranching paths, so I ran out there and took a quick picture.  I earnestly tried to do what I think is a respectful photo given the subject matter.  I hope you agree.


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