Platte River State Park

Not a race, just a three day weekend vacation opportunity to run some trails at the closest park that still had a cabin available for rent.  It was already scenic on the way up to the cabin area:


I got Wild Strawberry #3 in this nice cluster, with some happy little woodland creatures for company!

After checking in, it was time to check out the cabin.  It was a family-sized cabin, but all they had left for rent.  Bunk beds?  Like summer camp!  Then it was time to change into my running gear!  Oops!  Haven’t put on my running gear yet!


Platte River State Park is a bit of a hidden gem.  It’s well maintained and has plenty of things to do other than running.  There is an 80 foot observation tower giving a nice view of the surrounding area, nicely removed from the city:

20180718_203526 - Copy

It also has an archery range, swimming pool, paddle boat pond and restaurant.  There are equestrian trails with horseback rides, one tour which I ran past.


It has some more primitive camping options, like this cool teepee, appropriate for a Lakota region.


It also has a nice stream with some mini-falls.


It was also quite muddy in places and I stepped ankle deep into a mud puddle and had to find a water pump to wash off my shoes.


Of course, getting all sweaty and muddy means a nice, warm shower at the shower house to get nice and clean!


Hope you enjoyed the views!

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