Scavenger Hunt Gallery – Pole Line Road

Just sharing the gallery of the photos I didn’t use for Sinful Sunday.  Some rather clumsy, but I went to the effort of making them, so why not post them?  The first reason is that this was my first camera “mount!”


The Altra Escalante, great road shoe, not a great camera mount.

I just set it on the ground or some nearby higher object like a fence post, in this case, or my car.  Last week I got a small flexible Arkon tripod I can use with my GoPro or phone and really like it.  It’s not very tall, but I can put it in the back of my running vest or my triangle bag on my bike and it provides adjustability and stability.tripodTo take the sign top image I used for Sinful Sunday and this one I didn’t like as much, I perched the tripod on top of the perpendicular street sign.  Note to anybody wanting to do this themselves that those sign posts are really tall, not something I thought about.  I’m 6′ 4″ and had to get out my camping chair to stand on just to reach up far enough and still was barely tall enough.DCIM100GOPRO

To edit the multiple exposures into a line, I just used the free Windows program, started with one image, added the next position image as a new layer, then just selected where I was standing in the previous photo and deleted that part on the new image, repeat until done.  When I accidentally overlapped myself a bit, I had to zoom in and use the eraser tool.

My first, clumsy attempt at the multiple exposure

Another lesson learned, it helps to have a day with no moving clouds which caused the differences in brightness in the image above, or too much wind which would blur stuff in the foreground.



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