More for the Pieces of Jade Scavenger Hunt

Is this still going on?  I haven’t heard back from her yet regarding my first post.  If not, I guess I can just continue on my own.  After traveling out of town for a fun run, I just did the Google Maps search for place names with sexual innuendo.  Normally I’m not a fan of just the dick pic, but it was far too risky to leave my car in the day.  I found an office (closed, don’t worry) for an MD with a great name for a dominatrix, though probably an unfortunate name for anybody else!  Nonetheless, at least phonetically, I find the name to be absolutely accurate and I hope you do too!

I also found a restaurant who’s name I thought was a little too obvious a choice at first, but then saw in their window the “Home of the Big Wood!”  Clearly innuendo going on for this place!  It was closed as well (or I’d never have done it), nonetheless, I was still able to get myself a Big Wood!  Or, well at least a medium, I think!

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