The Journey Begins aka If there is a dickhead, then must there be a peckerneck?

The default title is appropriate.  I’ve started this blog after noticing fun and funny places and experiences to be in while naked in my travels to various endurance events.  I find the idea of sharing these experiences both exciting and apprehensive.  I don’t want to share my identity for obvious reasons, which limits my sharing.  I like to take nude photos of myself with any medals or trophies I’ve won, or just the race shirt and regalia, but doing so will dox myself in most cases, so birthday suit it will usually be, though perhaps a blurring or covering of the race regalia will suffice.

I’m particularly interested in sharing with the Pieces of Jade Scavenger Hunt and Molly Moore’s Sinful Sunday should work well as most races are on Saturdays.

I started seriously considering starting this blog when, on a long drive to an event, I passed a road sign advertising a place called “Peckerneck Trail!”  I was thinking, “Seriously?  PECKERneck?  Wouldn’t it be funny if people went there and found there were actual peckers out on the trail?”  And so as I visited the place on my return trip, and behold!  There was at least one pecker on Peckerneck Trail: mine!peckerneck01peckerneck02peckerneck03 - Copy


  1. PiecesofJade

    I’ve added you post to the list of locations:
    and to the list of participants:

    When you post new ones, you’ll want to be sure to tag me (@piecesofjade) on Twitter, use the #ScavengerHunt hashtag, email me as you did, or all of the above. 🙂 Also, please grab the “Bronze” badge for your website, and link back to the SH page when you do, 🙂


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