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Fiction: Mom’s Thanksgiving Cream Pie

Meanwhile at the Luxuriae hunting cabin… James was a bit nervous about visiting his fiance’s family for Thanksgiving dinner. Regina Luxuriae was from a very old and very well-to-do bloodline while James was what her ancestors would call a “commoner.” Regina was hardly pretentious. She eschewed the haughty family tradition of serving on the board […]

Boston Blued and Nude!

It has occurred to me that I didn’t give an update on my Boston Marathon experience. I’m happy to report it went very well and I’m happy (though not satisfied) by my performance. I set a personal record: under my goal time of 2:50 and finished in the top 5% Due to my injuries from […]

Snot Stew!

The game of “Snot Stew” that Kikki the kitten’s young owners play is setting a bad example for Kikki’s brother. Did anybody else read the book “Snot Stew” as a kid? “Snot” Stew did and learned not to set a bad example! Ugh…right, Stew? Umm…as an adult, aren’t you kinda setting a bad example now, […]


Pink, it’s my new obsessionPink, it’s not even a question Pink on the lips of your lover‘Cause pink is the love you discover Pink as the bing on your cherryPink, ’cause you are so very Pink, it’s the color of passion‘Cause today it just goes with the fashion

Short Film: The Nightmare of The Mummy!

Being chased over the sand dunes by a mummy is every Egyptian’s worst nightmare. But did you know The Mummy has his own worst nightmare? I had the idea for this when I purchased a sexy Egyptian costume for Halloween. I wanted to do a regular, modern film at Great Sand Dunes National Park, but […]

Rock Climbing! What Did You Think I Was Talking About?

This shoot was at the Indian Creek Climbing Area south of Moab, Utah with some climbers way up on the butte behind me. I could see their butte, maybe they could see my butt! Their voices echoing kept me a little on edge, kept thinking somebody was close by! Rock hard. Forcing the slit open […]