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Say WAA?!!!

Got my WAA (What an Adventure) Ultra gear in for my Moab 240 race in October. I learned my lesson from being exposed (and not in my usual, fun way!) during the course marking where we got stuck in the La Sal Mountains in a sleet storm in shirts and shorts! So I got a […]

Short Film: Lovely’s Merry XXX-Mas!

Lovely and I are getting nothing but coal in our stockings next year for this! 😉 This is the best Christmas or should I say XXX-Mas gift ever from Lovely Braindrops! I hope this short film we made together will also bring you the gift of laughter! Though I should warn the audience this short […]

10 for 2021

First off, a well deserved hip-hooray for Marie Rebelle and Wicked Wednesday for 500 weeks! Secondly, a round of applause for yourself and fellow bloggers for contributing! Now for my special thanks to the one and only Lovely Braindrops! Nopantsendurance may be my blog, but you wouldn’t know it from the stats! Eight of the […]

Merry Christmas to All!

Wishing one and all a very merry Christmas from Lovely and NPE! Ho ho ho! Hello Lovely lady, would you like to sit on Santa’s lap? No? How about now? Ho ho ho! Santa slid up your chimney and delivered a gift load from his sack!

Sher-a-ton of Pillows!

Last week was Lovely’s birthday. December birthdays have it rough being so close to Christmas. We did kind of merge that as well, enjoying the Kansas City Symphony’s excellent performance of Handel’s Messiah! That was after a high class luncheon at the Wandering Vine at Caenen Castle! Our hotel was the Sheraton which had an […]

Fiction: Mom’s Thanksgiving Cream Pie

Meanwhile at the Luxuriae hunting cabin… James was a bit nervous about visiting his fiance’s family for Thanksgiving dinner. Regina Luxuriae was from a very old and very well-to-do bloodline while James was what her ancestors would call a “commoner.” Regina was hardly pretentious. She eschewed the haughty family tradition of serving on the board […]

Boston Blued and Nude!

It has occurred to me that I didn’t give an update on my Boston Marathon experience. I’m happy to report it went very well and I’m happy (though not satisfied) by my performance. I set a personal record: under my goal time of 2:50 and finished in the top 5% Due to my injuries from […]