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  • TMI From the TSA

    June 17, 2021 by

    I had a short film idea a couple years ago for the prompt from Hump! Film Festival that had TSA as a bonus, but I have no way of actually filming this idea. “First we have to take off our shoes and belts and get wanded, pretty soon there’ll be strip searches in the terminal… Read more

  • Hittle Bottom-Less Skinny Dip

    June 13, 2021 by

    Hittle Bottom Campground is east of Moab, Utah on the scenic Highway 128 along the Colorado River. Hittle Bottom was a halfway stop for horseback mail delivery in the early 1900s, but it’s 2021 with temps in the 90s and I’m not stopping halfway in my male delivery! Checking that the coast is clear! Splish… Read more

  • Short Film: Quantcum Leap!

    June 10, 2021 by

    I saw this appropriately sweet spillway at Dulce Lake, New Mexico and loved the tunnel effect with the washout light at the end of the tunnel. I knew I had to do some kind of sci-fi effect with it. The Time Travel prompt made me think Quantum Leap! Is the nudity necessary? Yes. In the… Read more

  • Rubber Baby Gasbuggy Bumper

    June 9, 2021 by

    Fracking is used to release natural gas tied up in sandstone deposits. It’s terrible for the environment in its current form. But if you think this story is ridiculous, remember that on December 10, 1967, United States Atomic Energy Commission went fracking with a 29 kiloton yield nuclear device in Carson National Forest. The detonation… Read more

  • Grand Jouney: A Live Update Blog

    June 2, 2021 by

    So I’m off to run the Grand Canyon rim to rim to rim.  My family is nervous and is making me keep a GPS tracker as I go.  Not unreasonable to be honest.  So I decided if I’m keeping a running trip update of my running trip, may as well make a clothing optional version,… Read more

  • Burning Man

    May 27, 2021 by

    I’d wanted to get a shot in at the big fireplace atop Coronado Heights for literally years, but the place is always busy, understandably as it’s very cool and has great views and trails (more later). Finally on my way back from the Lake Edun vacay, I had a window of a few minutes alone… Read more

  • Mood: Nood, aw Dood!

    May 23, 2021 by

    So I had a writeup thought up driving back from the first trip of many to Lake Edun (nude spelled backward as Lovely chuckled, which I was oblivious to). Nice rustic place, nice people, and best of all, Lovely company! I thought, just what I like! Plus warm temps without the sun beating down! Well,… Read more

  • Guyroglyphs – Pondering Rock and Cock

    May 17, 2021 by

    Writing means revealing oneself to excess Franz Kafka I’ve posted before about interest in graffiti or art as one may perceive. This sandstone wall in Kanopolis State Park is a fascinating place being covered in hundreds of names, dates, and other carvings. There are markings at nearby Mushroom Rock State Park documented from pioneer days,… Read more

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