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Pathfinder: The Druid Class

I wish I could turn into a hamster at will Dungeons & Dragons 5E Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, a CRPG is out and half the fun is planning and building a new character! Maybe a druid suits me best. Druids are concerned with the delicate ecological balance that sustains plant and animal life, and […]

Virginity Rocks

I was driving home from work today, sipping my Duncan when I ran into a detour. On my way I found this whole train car full of Virginity Rocks. Anybody know how these things work? Weird that there’s even a market for them…

̶B̶i̶r̶d̶ Cock Watcher!

The bird watcher. Cocks are birds, right? The cock cage. That’s what a cock cage is, right? I’m gonna break my rusty cage and run! Johnny Cash & Soundgarden

Short Film: I Dream of Weannie!

Lovely is moving and it’s packing time. All weekend we’ve heard how moving is the worst, but the end result is worth it. Well, this is the end result of my weekend’s work and what everybody says is absolutely true: SO WORTH IT! Lovely can make even the most un-fun tasks so much fun!

Must have Been a Hell of a Party Last Night!

I’ve heard of getting pantsdrunk, but that’s amateur hour! How about getting nopantsdrunk? 🤣 It’s been two weeks and my injuries are finally getting healed up. Probably going to have some scars, though.

Feeling Blue, Trip Went to Poo, But I have You!

When life hands you lemons, make lemon pop tarts! Lovely Braindrops I’d had this lemon yellow cock harness for a while but hadn’t found any place to use it until the last trip back from Lovely’s where I spied a yellow barn door that would have made a nice backdrop, but it turns out the […]

Crude and Lewd

Oil that is, black gold, sex’s peen! Did one last training run before Pikes Peak Marathon in the 100 degree heat at Coronado Heights. Spotted this oil well and used the opportunity for my kind of cooling off: sans pantalones!