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Savage Garden

The End of Things- Gary Numan Track 4 on Savage (Songs from a Broken World)  Is that a voice calling me softly?Nothing in here is quite how it seems Everything’s so cold, the air is so stillThere should be nothing here to see Is this a warning, like in the Black Book?There can be no one […]

Initiation of Hope

CONTENT WARNING: forced sex Initiations part 2. For part 1 click: Strip Poke-him: Raw Dog’s Initiation Ha ha! Look at this! Well isn’t that a sweet piece of ass! You! Initiate! Get over here! Time for the next stage of your initiation! Right here! Now! Stand right here! What an obedient little bitch you are! […]

Travel Blog: There and Back Again

Before Alaska I needed to drive to pick up Lovely. Most people rest stop to cool off with a soda at a busy gas station. I prefer to rest stop at an outdoor location and cool off by removing clothing! Cooling off my D on the road at Road D! What is this for? Flogging? […]

Dong Park

I got out of work just after sunrise but early enough for some alone time at the local lake that has an island sectioned off as a dog park. I got some decent shots in and this one turned out nicely!

Around Town

I guess I have some nudity withdrawal from my awesome but mostly clothed vacation. So I just stripped down walking around some train tracks around town. “Ah, it’s nice to take a stroll around town.” “Whoa dude, what are you doing?!” “Huh? The sign says X rating.” “That’s a train sign saying a stop is […]

Now Streaming

Back in the Midwest heat so I decided to shed some (all!) clothing and hop in a stream!

Northern Exposure Travel Blog

Mount Marathon! The toughest 5k on the planet! I won a lottery entry so I loaded up a plane and headed to Anchorage with Lovely. Also my sister and her friend so nude time was at a premium. Almoose naked! Of course we had to find time and places to get in some northern exposure! […]

Local Leisure Lark

It is rare to find a wooded area in Nebraska, but there is a small place by an abandoned Veteran’s Home I’ve been meaning to check out. During a nice hike it’s good to get out some Nice nuts, don’t you agree? Always remember to carry water. It’s a lot better than drinking what happens […]