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Local Leisure Lark

It is rare to find a wooded area in Nebraska, but there is a small place by an abandoned Veteran’s Home I’ve been meaning to check out. During a nice hike it’s good to get out some Nice nuts, don’t you agree? Always remember to carry water. It’s a lot better than drinking what happens […]

Statue? Stat Me!

Ah, Castle Inn Riverside! Let’s check out the statues. A bit of nip, not bad, but we can do better. Well you’re no David, why so modest? If you want a job done right, gotta do it yourself!

Down In a Hole

It’s been a rough week. Lovely’s fur baby has gone missing. I just drove down and looked all through the house fearing the worst, but found no trace. She’s a cat known to hide, but we turned over ever chair and sofa. Nothing. Maybe she got out. I hate ends. The ultimate injustice. Sad that […]

Infomercial: The Dick Pic-R 5000!

Gas prices are rising faster than my cock around Lovely, so we’ve had to find a sponsor for our film making. Please help support our work by watching this ad and maybe purchasing a Dick Pic-R 5000! In seriousness, we had a great time making this ridickulous video and we hope you have as much […]

Short Film: Oh Bollocks!

Lovely and I went to the Great Plains Renaissance & Scottish Festival last month and had a blast! But I had to work so it was a quick trip. I also wanted to gift my Scottish Lass a blade that’s not crap! So I sanded, stained, and gave my own artistic touch to this Scottish […]


I’ve been neglecting the blog community for a couple weeks, I know. Had a couple family hospitalizations and the weather has really blown. Literally. Like 25-30 mph winds for weeks straight. But I have been out running a bit and ran across this industrial area of old brick and graffiti prick! So I tried it […]