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Rock Climbing! What Did You Think I Was Talking About?

This shoot was at the Indian Creek Climbing Area south of Moab, Utah with some climbers way up on the butte behind me. I could see their butte, maybe they could see my butt! Their voices echoing kept me a little on edge, kept thinking somebody was close by! Rock hard. Forcing the slit open […]

Leadville Load!

Whew! It’s hard working at this elevation! And work getting hard! But I got all the drilling done and filled that cart! Now, anybody want to give me a hand delivering my load? 😋 🍆 💦

Public Nudity Live Blog

Off on another adventure!  I’m driving to Moab, Utah to join the course marking crew for the legendary Moab 240 mile ultra marathon. But I wanted to cross off some projects (and take off some clothing!) along the way.  Again, nudity is not illegal on public federal land! First is a stop at Great Sand […]

Pathfinder: The Druid Class

I wish I could turn into a hamster at will Dungeons & Dragons 5E Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, a CRPG is out and half the fun is planning and building a new character! Maybe a druid suits me best. Druids are concerned with the delicate ecological balance that sustains plant and animal life, and […]